The Organisation of Hindu Malayalees, NSW (OHM NSW) was formed to serve the Malayalee Hindu community of New South Wales, Australia and to promote Malayalee culture and traditions. With our mission of promoting the concept of ‘Vasudhaiva Kudumbakam’ (World is One Family theme), OHM aims to create a sense of pride and commitment among our members. By educating children about Hindu customs and traditions OHM helps them understand and appreciate their culture, roots and heritage in a better way. Furthermore, OHM works towards preserving and promoting the moral, social, cultural, educational, literary and artistic heritage of Hindu Malayalee community in NSW. By preserving, protecting and strengthening the Hindu Identity, OHM is focussed on preserving Sanathana Dharma by organising monthly Satsangs and spiritual and devotional programmes.

From a humble start in 2012, OHM NSW has grown to a big family of several hundred members.