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With over 7 years of active participation, OHM is the go-to place to take part in amazing events and activities in the NSW area. OHM has a nominal fee of $50 per year to become a member.

Annual member ship fee : $50
Upon registering for OHM NSW (ABN: 78120151746) membership, I accept following terms and conditions:
1. I will uphold the values of OHM NSW which is, promoting Sanathana Dharma through education of Hindu philosophy, Classical Languages, being inclusive and supportive of friendship, respect, peace & tolerance.
2. I will uphold objectives of OHM NSW, of serving the Malayalee Hindus of New South Wales, Australia, encourage and facilitate co-operation among Malayalee Hindus and promote Malayalee culture and traditions by organizing/ participating in social, cultural and literary events.
3. I will do everything in my ability to strengthen OHM NSW to achieve above objectives.
4. I agree that if I engage in activities which are against the values and objectives of OHM NSW, my membership may not be renewed or may be terminated.
5. I agree that upon the acceptance or rejection of an application for membership the Secretary of OHM NSW shall forthwith give a notice in writing of such acceptance or rejection.